Unbelievable prices and great customer service!  Our highly skilled team of technicians are true experts and will get your device working like new. We specialize in cellphone, tablet, computer game console repairs. Other services include: Data Recovery, Jailbreaking and Unlocking, Software and OS Re-install. We also sell new and used, phones, tablets and computers. 

iRepair Mobile erepairs all major brands of cell phones, laptops, and tablets, including iPhones and iPads. Our repair services are prompt. We want every customer to be a satisfied customer. At iRepair Mobile, our repair specialists are experienced, knowledgeable, and prepared to exceed your expectations. 




iRepair Mobile

Repair Service.

We repair a lot of cell phones, but that's not all we can fix. Call us for your Ipod, Ipad or any other tablet, e-reader, laptop or for any other mobile device. Call 678-886-3330 for a free quote. We stock a lot of repair parts and what we dont have we can get, usually the next day. So call today to get your mobile device working again.

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- Dave Thomas

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- Dave Thomas